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- reading -
Harry Potter series (again)
& Bird by Bird

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nothing in particular

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this awesome playlist
by anna

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added a links page and urls page!

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fix photoshop and skype

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You look lovely today. <3


Laundry Day

And that is all

That love’s about

And we’ll recall

When time runs out

That it only took a moment

To be loved

A whole life long

My pony (left) and her pasture buddy being cute lil dorks c:

It’s not slime..It’s mucus!


For jacksice

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s your modern!hiccstrid :) I guess this is sort of a New York!au where Hiccup and Astrid (who are college students) like to grab some coffee or hot chocolate in the autumn and take walks in the park. They also take Toothless (who for some weird reason likes to go outside and walk despite being a housecat) and Stormfly out for walks while they’re at it hehe yay for young love 

Your center?
It took a while, but I figured it out.


Miss youby Milady666

One month for Disney's Big Hero 6

Disney heroines by MBTI personality type

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